The team


Luke,  half german, half colombian and hemp enthusiast by core. This hemp journey started by him meeting Sunti, an incredible nepali woman in the nepalese Mountains, introducing him into the magic of hemp and its multiple ways it benefits her community. Ever since there hasn’t  been a day he cannot think about hemp! Luke dropped from Humboldt University Berlin (Asian studies) to fully dedicate his energy towards this film project. He feels grateful to be meeting and filming wonderful projects around the world, sharing the message of people who got something to say about this miracolous plant and also having people by his side who also share the same passion. What a life! LET IT HEMP!



Sunti Didi

Sunti is my first hemp mentor and the reason I got involved in all this. She is the personification of the world inspiration. Mother, Micro Entrepreneur, Hemp Activist, Feminist, Community Leader and beautiful Soul! Realizing that it’s all about ‚doing what you can, with what you have, where you are‘, she built up her own social business by using wild growing plants, sharing these plant benefits with her local community and inspiring others do care for both: people and the environment!


Head of Film & Photography: Mr Ma Raab.

Mr Ma Raab

Ma is a former Punk Rock Guitarist who was fascinated by sound editing and recording. Thanks to  his ‚do-it-yourself‘- attitude, he went into film making and is enriching the film industry ever since. Directing, filming and editing for big clients as well for his own projects, makes him into a real one-man-show. Ma is a crazy drone pilot who loves pushing boundaries of existing ways of filming. We were introduced by our close friend here in Berlin and started off together on this cinematic hemp journey!


Head of Design: Mr Gunjan Chowdhary


Gunjan Chowdhary is an artist, mind surfer, thought explorer and motor cyclist. His art include drawings by hand, digitally as well tattoo style. His baby is called ‚Royal‘ , ‚Enfield‘ by surname and if he is not mind surfing, drawing or involved in any arty activity, he most probably is flying his baby over the streets of Mumbai with the sun in his face and the sunnies on. We met through a close friend I was couchsurfing with in 2013. Mary Jane was our witness.

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