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How much quality is this backpack? It doesn’t look very resistant..

Haha, good question! It’s hemp. A super strong fiber. It’s spinned and weaved by hand. With love. It has all the blessings right up from the mountains. It’s water repellent and able to carry up to 12 kg without any problems.


I want a rucksack companion that is truly sustainable!

Perfect, our plant ingredients were growing wild on 3500 meters in the himalayan mountains! No f** chemicals, just mother nature! Imagine, our resources are so clean that out of the waste material medicine is turned..

I that the rucksack should also carry out a social responsibility. Are you paying fair wages to the woman who do the hard work picking, spinning, weaving, tailoring the textiles?

Good on ya, now we are talking!

Sunti, our friend and community mother in Nepal is paying 3x the minimum wage and is giving good working conditions.

I’ve visited her workshop myself, getting to know her tailors as well as the woman in the remote village, picking and spinning the yarn. I know the whole value chain mysel.

l can guarantee you: this whole project, from the picking until the weaving is 100% GOOD VIBES 🙂

Is Hemp legal in Nepal? Is my backpack legal?

Well, let’s keep it like this. To grow hemp is illegal in Nepal since the Americans in 1974… (don’t wanna get into this in here, look it up yourself.. 😉 )

But… we are only using free, wild growing hemp. From the jungles of the mountains. Therefore it’s not illegal and still life-sustaining for the remote living community, we collaborate with.

If Hemp is such an amazing plant that could give independent, organic work opportunities for millions of people living in remote mountain sides of Nepal, providing medicine, food, EVERYTHING !!! ..  I want this ridiculous ban to be lifted and to have iHemp legalized.

We love you. This is our goal. Sunti has joined the Hemp association in Nepal, that has started to approach the government to prove the benefits for people & nature.

What can I do to support?

Get yourself one of those beautiful backpacks, created in Sunti’s home workshop. Follow us on Twitter, FB & Instagram. Keep in touch, we are just about to start an exiting video blog journey to spread the word and to facilitate an open debate about the real potential of this plant and why it MUST be legalized and freed!

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Vegan Hemp Backpack

Measure: 47cm x 30cm x 17cm



– Laptop Compartment (up to 13 inch)
– 1 main compartment
– 1 zippered front compartment
– 2 water bottle holders
– Soft padded straps

Materials: Hemp, Cotton, Polyester



Photo credit main picture: Guillem Miquel Erice . Mucho gusto haberte conocido parcero!

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