Hemp will be the future of all mankind or there won’t be a future.

Jack Herer

Author of the book ‚The emperor Wears no clothes‘

This project aims to portray multiple and meaningful ways to use hemp for the greater good.

We give insight into inspiring hemp projects around the world, from house building projects in spain using hemp as its basic raw material to indigenous woman entrepreneurs in the nepalese Himalayas, creating hemp textils by using their wild growing ‚gift of nature‘  to make a living and empower their local community.

Right now we are focusing on the medical benefits and the situation in Germany, portraying a broad range of people, from cancer patients to the young woman who uses cannabis to alleviate her period pain. It’s not about showing that hemp is a magic bullet but that having medical studies prooving its benefits, we should at least consider to open our mind towards new ways of treatment.

This plant potential demands a clear insight in what is possible. Hemp keeps prooving its value and this truth shall no longer be withhold but spread out!


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